Staircases & Balustrades

Almost every installation of a mezzanine or loft floor requires a staircase to permit access to the new space that has been created.

Because tastes differ, we approach each staircase installation with consideration for the type of aesthetic that will suit your home, your sense of style, and of course, your budget.

Staircases use quite a lot of space so for applications where space is limited, we have developed the Spacesaver staircase. The Spacesaver features a rebated tread which permits us to increase the angle of the staircase from the standard 38 degrees right up to 70 degrees. By alternating the rebated treads we are able to provide a compact staircase that ascends and descends like a standard staircase because you won’t catch your toes when ascending or your heels when descending.

We offer a wide range of styles from traditional and simple open tread staircases through larger, closed tread and ornamented classical designs to modern designs with floating treads, steel, glass and braided cables and fittings.

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