Roof Windows

Once we have created your new space, and if it is going to be used for a living area, then we need to provide sufficient natural light to the area.

Our recommended solution is a selection from the Velux range of flat roof windows which range in size from 550 x 980 mm up to a massive 1140 x 1400 mm.

Flat roof windows are a modern alternative to the traditional dormer window and provide a number of advantages over the dormer.

  • Because they are mounted flat onto the roof and have no side walls they allow more direct and undeflected light into the area and provide a wider field of view than a dormer.
  • Installation of a flat roof window is a much simpler exercise than installation of a dormer and involves far less intervention and modification of the existing roof structure.
  • Velux roof windows are supplied with a factory designed and manufactured flashing which ensures that the windows will not leak.

The windows are double glazed and feature a high quality Norwegian pine finish with brushed aluminium fittings. They are also available in a powder coated aluminium finish. Another option is the top hung feature, which allows the window to pivot from the top as well as the centre. They feature a vent which is built into the handle mechanism. This vent allows for ventilation even when the window is closed.

A full range of window blinds in blackout, roller and venetian configurations is available.

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